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Friday, August 28, 2009

I wish I................................~~~


ermm..tetiba je rasa nak share something kat my blog
waaa.....sedey ngan nasib diri
suma my plan selalu x jd jee..napa keja sntiasa dtg ni
sedey gak tp sy redha
u know wat...i wish im free during my final year
i wish i can enjoy my life as student before i grad since im so bz before dis
i wish i can spend my mid sem break at home because i seldom go back home
i wish i can travel a lots during my final year time
but all of dis juz a wish
i dun think i can do it cz i have another plan
u know wat stop FYP
i will compete in Shell Eco Marathon 2010 and i have a lots of thing to do
i need spend my mid sem for testing.. i need to do testing for the car before proceed for any development
i wish i can travel and oliday during mid sem but it juz a wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sedey sgt ni....but it is OK...i think something store for me
that's y i be in this team
it is only 7 student form my batch that take automotive so wat to do
most of us stuck wit this project since it need 1 year to do dis project
i wish i can do dis well
i really wish it will turn as good result
im sure i will enjoy d experience but we will see
im going to finish my final year final sem after the competition
around july next year but most of my frenz finish on may next year ...............waaaaaaaaaa sad....
2 or 3 week after he competition is my graduation day....i have no time to enjoy
i need to find job as engineer as soon as possible cz i need too
so may b i will travel after scholar on july next year...
no money for graduation...waaaa....kena minta from mama n abah...sedey gak
i already 23 next year but still asking money form my parent
but i promise i will find a good job and treat my parent well
same goes to my cute little a goos sister is very important
i need it because i spend most of my time at Uni during my stdy time
i involve with so many activities..i neglect them...waaaa...i must be a good sister after this
time to make up back wat i have miss b4..klahhh
i think thats all for now
apa pon i sedey gakkkk...sedey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...i wish i could do wat i want.......
njoy pic masa keja ke

ni masa kat langkawi for foster family..wit my frenz @ afiqah
afiqah and i are the only girls in MEDTECH for our batch...keja ngan ramai laki2x

Masa cocu dinner...menang best club award...with one of the ITMS staff @ abg eddy

Masa kat langkawi..jd faci@ cikgu tuisyen kat adik2x..hihi...
enjoy it

masa g program tarbiyah.. jd tukang masak bersama aya chan

makan2x wit adik2x..i njoy it..dah besar dah my sis nd bro

merayau2x di tapak convo b4 g intern...siap ambik belon ag..release tensen..hahah

My trip to la projector yg IMAX guna utk 3D
i guna projector kecik je selama ni...huhu
all d bez