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Monday, February 1, 2010

i reach my limit!!!

salam..may all dis word tells everything

i promise i will love you all since this is the most important people in my life..who alwaz support me and be wif me no matter wat happen..tq alots

Elegant WordArt 2: Daughter
yes and yes and yes..i know im not a good daughter and sister to sory for not been wif them during oliday and stay in UTP to finish all the work i sory cz i did it again after so sorry...i promise after im graduate i will spend my time wif all of sory again..

Elegant WordArt 2: Friendship
erm..something which is hard to say out loud...i have a lots of frenz but to be wif me when im crying may b not..oh yes..there are but not all of my prob they now..."SAHABAT" is.........speechless..can't say more since they hurt me most compare to comfort me..i dun believe in dis stupid so called" UKHWAH" wif some people..they are some, i do love them..
FRENZ is the best part of our life..reunion, facebooking, chatting, comforting, playing, laughing..we all do dis together..tq for being wif me although im superb bz and still be the one who understand me and alwaz backup me..tq a lots .....tq for accept me when i have my big turning point in my many rules to follows ha??..hihi...tq alots frenz..i love you
may our friendship last forever...after im graduating i will make up our lost time ok..promise`~~~

Elegant WordArt 2: Drive Me Crazy

a lots of things drive me crazy but im sure u will regret it since i will not give up so easily to this "people" or "things"....i have my own way and i know wat the best for me..iA..will GOD willing i will believe what i think is the goal is only one...may me live my life to the fullest...tq again to everybody in my life

Elegant WordArt 2: tomorrow,today,yesterday

yups..i do regret some of my pass..i choose to work and finish other people task compare to spend my weekend wif my frenz but its ok..i learn a lots and i appreciate it so much...although it hurt me wif people whom i work with..i still accept it as a part of my experience
i dont know y i cant tolerate wif them anymore..i guess I REACH MY LIMIT!!!
yes..i im trying to neutralize it back and alwaz remember my ultimate goal


i dun know y i started to hate this "people" hurt a lots and i seyesly cant stop thinking bout it..u all ruin my life a lots and keep giving excuses that claim everybody cant make it...nonsense...huhu...i keep it for so long..i juz realize im hurting right now and im trying to t8 time but i will...current decision is the best as i stay away from me unless there are work for me to do so i will do it professionally as i alwaz applied it in my life...i know i still understand my ultimate goal...but wat i know now is



olla everybody
juz got addicted to dis song..hihi..layan ok~~~
my rumate play guitar and sang dis song and i like it..blues je~~~
anyway im in the process of learning how to play guitar
hahha...only for birthday song ek..simple one..
i hope i can play it during my frenz birthday
hopefully it will come true..hehe

This is the lyric

Sumi nareta kono heya wo
Dete yuku hi ga kita
Atarashii tabidachi ni mada tomadotteru
The day has come for me to leave this room I've been used to living in
I'm still bewildered at this new journey

Eki made mukau BASU no naka
Tomodachi ni MEERU shita
Inside the bus that's heading toward the station
I emailed my friend

Asa no HOOMU de denwa mo shitemita
Demo nanka chigau ki ga shita
I tried to call on the morning platform
But somehow, I felt that it was different

Furui GITAA wo hitotsu motte kita
Shashin wa zenbu oitekita
I came carrying an old guitar
I've placed out all of the pictures

Nanika wo tebanashite soshite te ni ireru
Sonna kurikaeshi ka na?
I let something go and take something
I wonder if it's that kind of repetition?

Tsuyogari wa itsudatte yume ni tsuduiteru
Okubyou ni nattara soko de togireru yo
This show of courage continues even in my dreams
If I became cowardly, I would be cut off there

Hashiri dashita densha no naka
Sukoshi dake naketekita
Inside the train that began to go
Just a little bit, I was moved to tears

Mado no soto ni tsuduiteru kono machi wa
Kawara nai de to negatta

This town that continues outside the window
I wished that it wouldn't change

Furui GITAA wo atashi ni kureta hito
Toukyou wa kowaitte itte ta
The person who gave me the old guitar
had said that Tokyo is scary

Kotae wo sagasu no wa mou yameta
Machigai darakede ii
I've already stopped searching for an answer
It's fine being full of mistakes

Akai yuuyake ga BIRU ni togireta
Namida wo koraetemo
The red evening glow was cut off at the building
even if I endure the tears

Tsugi no asa ga yattekuru tabigoto ni
Mayou koto datte aru yo ne?
Each journey that comes with the next morning
has its doubtful places, right?

Tadashii koto bakari erabe nai
Sore kurai wakatteru
I can't simply choose the right thing
At least I understand that

Download Mp3 YUI - TOKYO

Message from MPPUTP


olla everybody
our MPPUTP has a facebook
so i juz got the msg from them


Not satisfy with Internet Connection? Parking Issue? Café?
What do you feel?
What they need to know?
Now, MPPUTP is giving you a chance to complaint in your own words.
Come and join us to voice out your suggestion or criticism to the management.
• MPPUTP Booth
• Minggu Mesra Kampus (MMK)
• 1st to 3rd February 2010
Don’t miss it. Just be there!!

im just hoping for the best for this MPPUTP..they work hard to help all UTPian
whom is ignorance..i think i can said it..huhu
nvr mind MPPUTP
i will drop by at MMK and complain bout hp line yg suck at my room
hihi.....and also for UTP to centralize student center at one place..
THE MOST important thing~~~

c ya



tense jap~~

olla everybody~~
now is 4.21am and i still awake ek
trying to find the best to do list application available for my desktop
and what can i do...goggle still the best so far..huhu
so i do integrate my calendar for this semester with this blog
hopefully it will remind me my task so far
february is such a bz month for me
i hope i can cope wif it the way..tmrw is 1/2/2010 which is our duedate to submit entry pack for Shell Eco Marathon
fuh...if there are any mistake in the drawing we will redo it soon to ensure we participate in this competition
i pray for the best la since this is my FYP...i already spend so much time on it..huhu

my desktop appearance~~

ok guys...on the left side is to do list with far this is the best i can find and i hope it useful if not i will uninstall it soon
but what most important is on right side of my desktop which is goggle desktop gadget
i just integrate my calendar and gmail to it to ensure i alert with all the my task and email i"ll get in future
i think thats the best i can do...updating goggle calendar is not difficult when u have this gadget since you just need to click on "ADD EVENT" button and it will automatically updated...
easy ha? need to open browser and update it anymore
i like it..for gmail i just check the important email only and if it has attachment i will click on "paper clip symbol" to download it and it will automatically open the browser and download it
nice one..very2x easy and convenience ha?..fuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i suggest all of u to use very helpful...nice one....... week is hectic dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!
help me...i need to go to lab to finish my project...AVD is giving me headache ok!!!!
waaaaa...........RESUME is not prepare yet~~~
plz pray for me ek...i juz feel so tired lately..wif my skuter which not cooperated at all!!!!
i cant live in UTP without my skuter..i juz like my watch been late for 1 walk around the campus is my last choice since the design is like a it is so far for me to get to my class asap ok...its take time for u to walk......hate it so much
then the management ofis is not if u want to settle wif ur RESUME or something related to it you will walking around the campus b4 u finish one task....
u will know it if u UTPian....
klah..i think thats all for now
love all of u..muahxxx~~

c ya



Saturday, January 30, 2010

jom main games~~~

penah addicted ngan game ni mama pon sama..ngeh3x

suka main mario tp x da la power 3rd bro power la..hihi~~

apa kabo suma
olla everybody
hehhe....ngok title pon dah best kan
so pada sesapa yg baca blog ni
kalu boring leh la main game ni
dua ni kira my FAV games la..nak main game canggih2x x pandai ni la paling canggih sy reti main ek
im not GAMER!!!!
harap maklum
njoys la main game brick and mario ek
brick kat atas tu...yg mario kat bawah ek...hiihi
best plak bila UTP x sekat games
burink leh gak main satu round kan....
apa pon njoysss....cantik x my blog skang....baru je tukar background..gatai tangan sbb UTP x sekat features ni dah
so leh la ngok background blog
dulu x leh ye..hihi....
klah suma
njoys wif d games

c ya



new features introduce~~~

apa kabo?
olla everybody
ari ni nk share skit pasal goggle features yg telah sy gunakan..skema ayat ek..hihi
1st sekali nk introduce goggle calendar yg sgt helpful ek cz im so bz lately
takut lupa so pakai goggle calendar sude~~~
tp satu je frust pasal bnda ni..sms notification dia cam teruk gilo...
huhu..kena redo la tp x respond pon..huhu...
jom ngok my goggle calendar la my goggle calendar..nmpak x yg bwh tu..pack btoii...tension btoii..masuk sem je dah pack
paling x leh terima..1 week dpt assgn and project to be submitted on week 2...huhu
x masuk lab pon ag nk wat project week monday ke masuk lab la ..kalu x abis la lambt submit...kang kena deduct mark plak..huhu
xpa...akanku g lab next week..yeahahhaha!!!!!!
week 2 mmg hetic skit sbb nk settle pasal graduation nye nk kena submit mcm2x and byk career talk nak attend
plus PETRONAS nye engagement session pon next week gak utk PETRONAS SCHOLAR plus
interview stage yg byk gilo kena lalui sbb dah final sem
huhu..x pa la..redha je...x practise apa2x pon ag utk ability test ni..insyaallah soon akan wat
dah ada material dah..tinggal nk buat je...alhamdullillah ada kekwn passkan cnth2x test tu tp bukan soalan sbnr ek
juz cara2x yg perlu diikuti supaya x shock during test
cz test tu pakai lab abis je masa terus padam..x da maknanya ko nk tulis2x ek..directly result send pada PETRONAS...tu kena buat utk proceed interview session plak...
so far la sy tau ada 6 stage nk interview..byk tu...huhu...ati ni mmg x nk keja PETRONAS sbb dah penah intern PETRONAS kn...gilo jahat scholar sorang ni..hihi
but for me..i prefer others company..hihi..sgt x loyal ek but i do my best on the test..dah bg tau mama pon pasal ni...
i think if i want to be in automotive industry may b PETRONAS not the best option la
apa pon tu suma bergantung pada rezeki
insyaallah i will get the best~~~
k k..dah calendar tu r ek..sbbkan calendar tu sengal ngn sms service dia
so the other option utk sy keep track adalah install goggle desktop laa...apa ag..sbb leh integrate kan bnda2x ni..jom ngok my desktp appearance..meh3x

ni lah dia ..desktop yg file2x berterabur x kemas ag..sory skit week ni..apa pon yg right side tu my Goggle desktop.. yg kat situ ada calendar, gmail and facebook any update mmg x yah nk sibuk2x buka browser ek..terus kan...mmg alert r pas ni...hihi~~~
pas tu utk clock and scartch pad i "undock from sidebar" dia akan float je la kat mana2x awak suka ek..sng cite..kalu x x muat la nk ngok calendar and gmail...
apa pon sgt memudahkan diriku ini diary pon ada gak tulis suma ni tp pakai besa la kan..takut terlupa or x alert
kalu kat desktop sng skit...mmg ada je kat situ..bila orng update terus je masukkan dlm calendar...sng cite..x da maknanya nk lupa ag kan...
i like it..thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....kata universiti TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS....kena la berteknologi ek walaupon tenet dia suck sbb jaring nye fault still kena up to date ngan gadget2x ek
pas ni nk kena beli la PDA or iPhone ke...waaaa...dah lama mengidam tp x pa la..tunggu dpt keja ek
kalu x bahaya ..nati waktu " tanam anggur" x da duit mmg susah laa..dah la biasa duit masuk tiap2x bulan..huhu..x dpt bykkkan hidupku nati pas grad...huuhu..apa pon moga allah murahkan rezeki nor hazwani abdul jalil..amin~~~~

so pada sesapa yg selalu lupa ke..dun wory
goggle gadget can help pon mmg i prefer guna goggle..goggle chrome dia pon x byk guna RAM compare to other browser..ini telah terbukti ek..leh check tp kalu duk UTP ni kena lah ada IE kalu x susah la.. x leh check result sbb student portal kena pakai IE..gila teruk system..ceh...nyampah btoii tp x pa long as u have microsoft u akan ada dun wory ek

haa...ada ag satu nk tunjuk..sbb smlm skuter wat sy kuar g taman maju
n masuk satu kedai ni beli tudung
jom ngok my new tudung..setelah lama x beli tudung..last2x beli je la satu....leh pakai g lab,...hahah..tudung lab dah lubang2x...isk3x..malu je pakai kan...huhu

ni la tudung baru yg bakal hancur masuk lab ek..hihi...
erm..rsanya tu la utk kali marilah beramai2x menggunakan features ni ek ....

c ya



P/S:i miss my mama..x sabo nk tunggu cuti CNY

MEDTECH makan2x~~

editted version

pic makan2x ptg td..nice one~~ menu : KFC

my last MAS before i go for my internship...paling senior~~~(ditinggalkan oleh satu geng sbb diorng intern 1 sem earlier..diorng bdk2x ni eng stdnt lewat satu sem maaa~~)

olla everybody
apa kabo suma?
sihat la ye
pagi td spttnye ada program nk g tp malangnya sakit perut plus nk demam
so pukul 5am terjaga badan cam pelik je
so tido balik pas minum air byk2x
so nk jd cite hp battery kong
ramai kot orng call
mana la tau
today pttnye ada 2 bnda nk settle until 3pm
tp cancel la nmpaknye
so sory everybody
so ptg tu cam dah ok skit
g join mkn2X MEDTECH..hihi
kali ni makan KFC...pasal penah cite b4 leh refer previous entry
apa pon i love MEDTECH so much
it bring me joy and happiness
best la ngan suma MEDTECH members
cool je..syg korang..muahxx!!!
the best memory i ever have in UTP is MEDTECH
apa pon jom ngok pic kitaorng ek....act ada yellow team ari ni
sbb accidentally ada beberapa orng pakai yellow
sy pon yellow gak tp dat pic kat Facebook ek
add me u will be access to my photo
klah suma
kejap je pon nk wat post ni
c ya again



Friday, January 29, 2010

Lambat masuk class + BBQ UTP - SEM 2010


olla everybody
apa kabo suma?
moga sihat hendaknya
hopefully suma tenang2x hendaknya
ok..ari ni nk cite skit
ada 1 class year ni best x byk class tp FYP plak ambik masa2x tu
apa pon td g class OPERATION MANAGEMENT...hihi
lambat masuk..dah tau class tu ramai gatai sgt g lewat kuar kan
tp suma ni sbb skuter x nak start la
buat hal ag...adoiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sabo je la....x leh start ag..x peduli la pas ni nk g kedai
tanya balik semula
apa kena ngna moto ni..battery dah 2 kali beli tau..miskin dah ni
ni mesti current leaking ni..kena check wiring la..apa ag kan...
xpa la..skuter tu pon dah byk berjaasa
juz nk abiskan final year ni ngan tenang la and smooth je
hope skuter sihat la pa sni....
ok2x..cite balik pasal class td
so kalu nk tau..i duduk kat tangga tepi sekali sbb x sanggup dah nk turun bwh
ramai orng rr..
jom layan pic ni...sengal btoii!!!~~~

tangga2x kat class

posing tepi tangga dah la..huhu

dinding class

muka orng duk tepi tangga..pas ni taubat dtg awal ek sbb moto je td x leh start i lmbt...waaaa

so dat siang td la...pas class n pray jap
g library ..keja jap..kemas magazine and buku2x suma
then balik ready plak utk wat BBQ for SEM..huhu
so td mmg hectic la...
apa pon i will post the foto soon ek

dat's all for today

c ya



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hati ini merintih~~

olla everybody
apa kabo suma?
hopefully suma sihat hendaknye
ari ni class ada 2 je
so far so good
jom ngok pic g class..hehe

apa2x student tu paling mahal ek..sbb ni last sem pakai..huhu

in AVD class..hihi...salah jadual..class at 3pm but i came at 2pm..huhu..apa ag ..caw g lunch dulu pas tu dtg balik..hehe

so far class ok je..after dis akan update mysubject enroll and timetable ye..skang x cnfirm ag...byk ag changes nk buat..hihi
apa pon i wish my last sem will go smoothly and happily
ari ni nk cite skit kat suma
act weekedn ni nk balik la kan..2 bulan duk UTP wat FYP tu
then balik kdng2x je..ari tu b4 buka sem nk balik tp ada keja lain plak
so x jadi laaa
sedey sgt sbb weekend ni pon ada keja gak..bukan FYP tp "company"
ada jumpa2x and input skit yg perlu diterima demi menjaga kesejahteraan rohani
may b orng x tau kenapa kan
tp sy tau sy sgt memerlukannya
i juz dun know dis week i really2x miss my family
ag2x pas lambat wish my sis sorry my sis..i love you more than i do
nati kalu x g yg " company" tu ..may b orng salah anggap
sbnrnye x da la kisah sgt kalu orng nk misunderstand sbb i balik umah tp
hati ni dah makin kurang syg and trust diorng
so kena jga la hati ni supaya x nak kerna manusia i turn " company" back
i dun want to be like dat
cz if not cz of " company" not who i am now (better person)
ya allah...tabahkanlah hati ni
plus keja2x FYP yg nk kena finalize sbb duedate mmg pack la skit walaupon baru masuk sem
apa pon td dah counter hati sendiri
suru ikhlaskan niat
ingat allah byk2x..besa la kan
kita ni manusia
apa pon i alwaz believe in my decision cz i know im trying my hard in full fill my responsibility
sesunggunya memegang amanah ini sunggu berat..allahuakbar!!!!
byk nye dosa sy selama ni...moga allah ampunkan~~~
erm....mmg sedey sbnrnye bila fikir2x balik tp x pa la
dua2x kena jaga
my FYP and " company"...iA..cuba yg terbaik....
i will try my hard to cope wif all of it
iA..allah sentiasa disisi hamba2xnya
yakin je kan..apa pon stay positive is the best as i alwaz do
hehe...kalu x mmg x leh mantain la sampai sekarang
kita marah orng kdng2x tp im hurt a lots of doing dat
but it's ok as long everything go smooth...
ada sebab y i do something..i really have reason..i dun do something wif no reason
apa pon sy yakin sy dah buat yg terbaik for both
pas ni kena kuat ye wani
act lately badan rsa cam cepat panas tp x demam cz ambik 100 plus and minum air byk2x
pas dpt artikel kata penadol ambik masa 5 thn nk digest terus x mkn penadol
so mmg sengsara la kalu migrain dtg...huhu
xpa la...tahan je
tido pon dah merapu ...sabo ye badan..nk sakit bole tp july ye..huhu
suma dah settle masa tu
so bole la nk ngada2x ek
sakng x leh ag
apa pon i will try my best utk ikhlaskan niat
i will and i know i can
ngat bnda baik2x msti ikhlas niat terus..insyaallah
apa pon i dun know y
i juz feel im so tired wif my life ...x da cuti, suma bnda nk kejar..ntah la
penat jap...kdng2x rsa nk mengeluh tp letak jauh2x...
apa pon im sure i can manage all of it
insyaallah kena stay positive alwaz
apa pon pada my FYP group hope leh keja sesama baik2x
and pada sahabat2x " company"...moga we last long...and build trust
thats all im wish..biar lah i know je bila diorng rsa i ni cm ada msalah
hahahha......dun cheat me...u're reaction tells a lots...sabo je la
napa la ngan diorng sng btoii nk sakit hati
xpa la....sangka baik dah la....apa pon i terasa ngan one email..seyesly i am

kebanyakannya dr kita mberi excuse berkaitan akademik..
yes,akademik kita amat penting..
tp akademik sahabat kita xpenting ke??
sama2 kita renungkan..
adakah shbt2 lain yg buat keje xd akademik utk mereka jaga...
sbg sahabat dan "nama khas" plak tuh, kna bantu antara satu sama lain..
lelah, jerih, perih sahabat2 kita, sama2 kita rasa..
kalaulah result nak jatuh pn.. biar jatuh sama2..
gitulah analogynyer..
bukan bermakna ana suh korbankan akademik..
maksudnya.. biarlah jadi cubit paha kanan, pehe kiri rasa jugak..
jangan biar sahabat2 kita bekerja sendirian..
jangan biarkan shbt2 kita mnjadi wakil kita sbg "nama khas" utk ke program2 bersama adik2..

ni hanya keratan skit je..act panjang ag tp x pa cukup la..mksd lebih kurang really2x hurt wif dis if i nvr get bad result cz of their attitude towards their work and i do all of it
erm....bukan nk mengungkit tp sedey bila ada ayat cam ni..sebab i really terasa la..kita ni bz ngan FYP...nk wat cam na..keja ngan orng x fhm..x suka la orng blame our pembawakan cz of our attitude towards keja..erm....sabo je la...kena byk sabo wani oiii
tq to my blog cz sy bole cite apa saja...sbb kalu kita simpan bahaya pada hati ek
nati senang dpt penyakit..huhu..seyesly cz ada baca satu artikel pasal bnda ni..hihi
apa pon i do told bout dis to my rumate..hihi..she know it..and i know she know my condition and tq 4 support me
it means a lots...a lots dear~~~
allah lebih mengetahui hati hamba2x nya....apa pon i iwll try my best to do my work and keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

may allah be wif me alwaz..amin~~

klah semua
tu je la utk kali ni (crying~~~)

c ya


new sem open~~

salam..olla everybody
apa kabo suma?
sory la lama sgt x update
ni baru rsa x bz and sihat skit nak update my blog
iA..akan update dr yg lama sampai la skang


happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to siti nabighah
happy birthday to you

1st nak update pasal my lil sis nye birthday
so sorry dear..i cant go back home
sory sgt
apa pon sedey dgr mama cite
my lil sis bgn awal pg tu
pas solat subuh je dia g breakfast
then dia ckp..apasal x da sapa wish birthday kat adik
waaaaaaaaa....siannye dia
then my mum and dad wish la..act mlm smlm tu dah mkn besar dah diorng kat umah
xpa la kan..dgr je la
then my parent wish ag
x da party la since my mama bz ngan jahit2x dia tu
so my dad msg remind bout my sis birthday tp i x wish ag sbb msa tu krdt x da
n tenet wat hal
so tunggu la jap
after dat i call her la masa lunch
nyanyi skit kat dia..then dia ckp...adik tunggu akak wish sbb akak selalu 1st yg wish birthday adik
adoii!!!!!!!!!!!!!..terkena kejap..rsa nk nagis je masa tu
im so sorry my sis...sory for being bz bout my FYP2..skit je ag...after dis kita oliday k
apa pon i wish her all d best and alwaz pray for her u dear
tu la cite pasla my sis birthday..skang jom cite pasal my skuter plak..
asyik wat hal je
so padah nye adalah ini

moto langgar kat building msa nk start sbb battery weak
skang lantak la kat mechanic tu
asyik charge battery je
selagi x elook mmg akan dtg sampai elok
biar dia tensen skit
dia kata kalu jadi gak ag dia check wiring la
apa pon sian my skuter
abis rompong

n lastly
today dah start new sem
tu je


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

too bz too update

salam...apa kabo suma

olla everybody
juznk bg tau skang ngah bz
so sorry kalu x update
i will update soon ek


Friday, January 15, 2010


my skuter = my BF = my frenz = i love you!!!!!


olla everybody

sory lama x post..almost a week tp bz skit
i will update soon ek...skang x mood and time nk blogging
apa pon my skuter saja gedik wat masalah pas melayang 200 ari tu
still gedik and i think may i need to change the stater...
apapon wish me luck wif my engine currently in hospital..ehheheh
maksudnye x leh wat apa2x ag la..ada msalah...wat to do
Final Year mmg penat and suck
i have no oliday....i want oliday......nk g cameron leh x...waaaaaaaaaaaaa
nk g gak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
klah..i will update later


c ya


Monday, January 11, 2010

wat did i do these few days~~

olla everybody
how r you...huuhu
selepas sakit2x weekend tu rest la kan..hihi
dalam rest2x tu sempat ag tukar bilik bwh..hehe
skang bilik sy di level 1 ye tuan2x dan puan2x..hehe
jom kita ngok my new enviroment laundry day ek...hihi..mentang2x washing machine dah dekat..!!!

air ORP yg murah lagi sng..pas ni healthy life la ek..air cukup 8 gelas sehari..haha

washing machine and dryer hanya disebelah bilikku..oh bahagianya idup ini~~~

my 1

pemandangan tingkap yg telah dihias dengan cantiknye..stylo je tampal2x magazine kat ats2x tu..hahah

ha...tu la bilik baru sy ye...pindah ari jumaat lepas..apa pon tq to fara cz tolong angkat2x brng turun bwh..tq adikku..muahxxx...syg x da la penat sgt angkut sorang2x kan...then sat kemas2x la bilik ni but until today (mon) ada ag barang2x yg x abis susun ek..besa la 2..nati2x kita susun lawa2x balik ek...skit je ag~~~

pas pindah room on fri night tu..terus tido la kat room ni..apa pon duk room ni satu je i notice...kipas mlm nk tido kena buka 3 je pas tu bilik ni gelap waktu siang mean kena buka lampu la 24h ek..huhu..xpa la ek..UTP yg byk.bukan sy..x kan nk jimat plak kang rosak mataku ini no no no!!!!!!....since dah besa tido sorang2x masak duk intern sorang2x dulu..x da la big prob nk tido kat umah ni sorang2x ek..ok far housemate x balik2x ag la...
so bertapa la dibilik ni sorang diri..act x duk kat room pon..pagi2x dah kuar g lab then g IRC..pas 5pm baru balik kdng2x lewat gak sbb g beli dinner dulu..huhu
klah ek..tu utk fri...
then sat x g mana2x pon..kemas2x room ni.,..susun2x buku balik
lap2x ngan DOWNY bg wangi...sapu2x sampah...pas abis suma tu..start la project sy yg 1st sekali
iaitu LAUNDRY DAY~~..hehe
basuh suma la..cadar...toto...sarung2x bantal, tuala,, baju2x dan karpetku..huhu
lama gak la. tp puas hati sbb suma kena clean and clear b4 buka sem ye..hehe
wangi dah my room skang..muahhahaahah!!!~~~
then sunday....pas bangun tido ngan nak g IRC jap tetiba x jd plak
so x pa la..main2x laptop ni jap..then ptg nk lunch tu
kuar la g bt sepoi2x je masa tu..hehe....but nk g mkn pizza nye pasal ..kick gak sampai start..then ok je
so sampai la di waktunya sy makan pizza
jom ngok apa jd kat pizza

apa2x pon jom order dulu..ambik package utk 1 meal la kan la my lunch..perut ni tetiba nk jd mat saleh plak x nak mkn nasi ari tu..huhu

pizza keju ayam wif 25% more cheese~~

pas makan usual sorang2x la ek..nk kuar ngan sapa2x masa2x cuti ni
suma tido..g ipoh pon g je la..dah lapo kan..huhu..pas makan n byr suma
nk start moto tetiba x nk la plak..sudah2x la tu....buat hal skuter ni..tense dah masa tu
cz baru je tukar battery..terbang 100 tau x!!!!
so tolak moto ni g bengkel moto yg dekat la...dlm 300m..tolak moto ngah2x panas2x ek.
so NOT TOP MODEL...adoii~~~...sabo je la....tu r gatai sgt nk kuar..nasib baik ad abengkel buka...erm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apek tu pon check la my skuter..u guess wat...battery kong...mmg nak naik angin la kan..baru je tukar...thenxpa la
apek tu pon check la...check minyak...check la segalanya2x..sambil dia wat keja lain gak so tunggu je la...rupanya2x charger dah rosak..abis dia rosakkan battery sekali..x da purpose la duk tukar battery b4 ni,,..adoiii~~~..tense btoiii la skuter ni...saja je cr pasal..pas cuci ari tu terus nk rosak...gedik btoiii!!!!!!!!!!!
then apek ckp kena tukar battery and charger...erm...nk wat cam na kan
tukar gak la..melayang ag 100 rgt
waaaaaaaaaaaaaa......miskin r cam ni..act g tu nk shopping terus terbantut tau...sedey rr....
xpa la..apek tu pon baiki kan..huhu...then g jap beli brng simple2x..list lama terbantut cz duit dah terbang so beli skit je then terus mama byk kali tp x angkat2x
so mlm tu tido je la..malas dah nk fikir...geram btoiii..
tu r 3 ari yg telah dicompress...apa pon geram sgt ngan skuter tu

apek sampai dulu tp moto orng lain dia buat plak siap jual helmet ag...sabo je la tp x pa la..dia kasi diskaun...heheh

ni lah motoku yg telah masuk klinik...huhu...sedey..syg awak tau karisma..tanpa awak idupku sepi~~~

klah suma
tu je
c ya


p/s:..engine FYP wat hal...engineku senggal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

sakit badan + sakit kepala + x leh tido = SEM 2010


apa kabo suma
olla everybody~~
erm...minggu lepas cam hetic skit so mmg penat sgt
sakit badan sampai susah nk jln..kaki rsa tegang je urat2x tu
sakit kepala as alwaz la kan...migrain x tentu pasal plak
pas tu bila tido asyik terjaga je
dah la nk kena bgn awal
tensen btoii
satu badan rsa sengal2x ni
sejak asyik masuk lab utk SEM 2010 ni and wat keja kat IRC..mmg rsa nk penat sgt
ya allah....masalahnye bila nk tido x leh tido
pas tu asyik nk g toilet buang air kecik and kena gigit nyamuk....
dah la kulit sensitif gilo ngan nyamuk
kalu ada nyamuk mmg x leh tido langsung....skang dah tukar bilik baru je..level 1..huhu
so ada perubahan skit la..barang2x x kemas ag
may b weekend ni la nk settlekan suma bnda...
apa2x pon..mmg lenguh la satu badan..ag2x dr pinggang n kebawah
x tau la cam na
hope x demam la...i more thing nk g beli bolster la...x tahan
tido x da bantal peluk yg panjang mmg susah nk tido
bantal tido skang dah x best....isk3x...mcm2x btoii kalu x leh tido mmg nk ngamuk ek
geram btoii sbb nati migrain dtg...
apa2x pon i hope nk r tempat ngurut la...i need it so much..dah la nati semester nk buka kan..huhu
apa pon bilik baru ni pon sejuk gak..dulu kipas buka 5 ok kat sini kalu buka 5 sgt la sejuk
so buka 3 je la ek
nati i tunjuk view bilik baru..ada renovation skit nk wat..hehe
klah suma
i think dat's all for now...sakit badan ni mintak2x la ilang ek


c ya


Thursday, January 7, 2010

engine testing start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


olla everybody,,,,,,,,,,
ari ni engine testing start
so byk ag nk oter la...huuh
x tau pasal pa sejak akhir2x ni cam penat x g IRC sbb en.ainul x da
so x keja la ari ni
hopefully i can start my engine testing soon
geram btoii bila x fix
ari ni wat keja tp cam separa mengantuk je
penin dah pon
apa pon td dah ambik kunci bilik baru
heheh...skang duk level 1
dekat ngan washing machine and R0 water filter..alhamdullillah
roomate may b bdk balik intern
x sure ag..x kisah pon sbb nk senangkan keja FYPku ini
waaaaa....quatation nk wat mlm ni tp rsa cam nak pindah mlm ni
waa...tinggi gak nk mengankut barang ni
apa pon i will...sorang2x plak tu..ya allah
kuatkanlah hambamu ini
mana x nye....lutut and badan dah sakit2x dah ni
rsa cam dah salah alignment je bdn ni
huhu...erm..klah suma..nati dah masuk bilik baru sy cite ag ek
nk kemas2x ni

c ya


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


tayar oh wheel~!

my plat
olla everybody...
erm..penatnye...penat sgt sejak akhir2x ni....
bdk2x SEM 2010 dah balik
pas tu byk keja nk wat
ari ni g IRC only 2j
sok x tau la cam na
sok pagi at 10am ada engine testing...erm....letihnye settlekan test bed td
susah benor nk cari abg2x technician ni
suma nye nk surat
satu building satu surat dah sampai 2-3 surat...fuh!!!!!!!!!!
nk start wat modification and fuel system dah.....alhamdullillah
kena cepat2x ni.....
apa pon hope everything ok
yg student FYP wat project ni pon ada ag x balik.....ermmm
nati design banner and t-shirt i tunjuk ek..hehhe
ari ni x da nk update apa2x sgt sbb sama je..lab + IRC..hehe
until sem open it will be same ek
huh...........klah suma..

c ya


LAB B21 + IRC ~~

diri ni dah tense dah~~~

olla everybody....apa kabo suma?
ermm..ari ni nak update skit idupku ini..1st of all...ingat x beg yg beli on9 ari tu..hehe
dah dpt dah
penat diri ini mendaki and menuruni bukit kat bawah chancellor complex
tetiba dia ckp parcel kat block O..waaa..sabo je la..kabut2x g ambik sbb pas tu nk g library
haa..jom ngok my beg..hehe parcel tu..dpt pon..hehe..bagus la dia packing...kedap gitu~~ la my bag..hehe..comey x? design dia lawa it..

td sibuk2x buka parcel kat library and sumbat handbag dlm beg tu..hahah..x leh blah btoii perangai..nasib la kan..dah la accidently pakai baju purple ari janji je ek..hehe
so td masa masuk lab..kotor skit kat bahagian putih tu..waaaaa..tension rr...lupa plak begku nk guna g class..x pa la..nati rerajin la basuh beg ek cik wani oii
erm...tu pasal beg yg x sabo2x nk dia je i suka sgt ye..hope u all fhm la ek..
pagi td suru si roza kejut cz tido balik
alih2x dia x kejut
ambik ko at 10am baru sedar..mula2x 830am..then ngat x pa la..tunggu 9am..last2x lajak sampai 10am...waaaaaaaa....apakah???
xpa la nk wat cam g IRC..wat keja skit..jom ngok sapa keja ngan sy la wat keja susun buku and journal ni..sambil2x tu dpt info and book for my FYP..nice btoii..buku yg x tau pon dah tau dah diorng letak kat mana..magazines best2x ag..heaven btoii~~

ni la tempat sy menempek sticker2x ek..hehe

ni la sticker2x tu..

buku and journal yg diedit olehku

kak syaza yg kawan wat keja sesama

utk keja kat library ni kak syaza tanya td..wani ganti usop(dayah) ek pon jawab pon keja ni x consistant sbb bila ada keja baru wat and leh masuk bebila masa nak
so best la kan..nice btoii..pas tu sy dpt Supervisor (SV) yg baik, EN AINUL...hehe...dia baik la banding sorang ag SV yg kuku besi bak kata2x orng keja bawah dia..hehe
so alhamdullillah...sambil wat keja sambil cari sgt wat keja ni sbb x tense sgt..kalu duk lab 1 day kdng2x stress gak..huhu...i ned time now..pas ni may b ok skit kot...huhu
pasal my FYP tu plak...adoii....baru perasan diri ni dah lambat la plak..barang x beli x confirm ag ..juz drawing bengong2x je...waaa...tension btoii..testing baru nk start..ya allah...bantulah hambamu ini..seyesly tense,...nk wat tp susah la..engine ni group ak nye ke bukan ni..isk3x....kang nk cite bdk ajim tu kata dia nk engine tu n dia suru ak ambik engine baru..leh hangin satu bdan ni...huhu....harap2x la x jd cam dia gak ckp nk beli engine lain
ermm..x pa la..nati bincang balik sbb report sy dah ikut engine tu..suma yg nk modify mmg ikut engine ni..sabo je nk jumpa SV FYP..last2x lambat sgt..terus jumpa esok at 10am..huhu
ngok la cam na ek..rsa nk wat keja kat lab sok sbb ptg ada keja lain...apa pon nk g test engine masuk x ngan test bed kat B15..mintak2x la masuk..x larat la nk modify dah..geram kalu tolerance x kena...waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......ya allah..tabahkanlah hati hambamu ini...
so td ptg pas lunch and siap keja kat IRC
masuk lab siapkan skit ag keja ..alhamdullillah dah siap la... la plat yg kena buat sampai 2 kali..nmpak je simple tp penin gak nk makesure fit in...yg lama bdk powertrain ambik wat support diorng nye part..ok la..x rugi la keja b4 ni
b4 ni measurement salah..kecik sgt~~~...huhu (T_T)

Td farid g ipoh so mintak dia tanya barang2x kalu ada...mintak2x leh dpt kat malaysia je...cuak dah ni..x tau apasal cuak sgt...may b sbb bdk2x ni cam byk je dah cuak la plak...huhu
ermm...rsanya..tu je la utk ari ni....dah 130am dah ni..klah suma


c ya


Monday, January 4, 2010

ermm..sampai UTP dah~~

moto kesayangan..dulu, kini dan selamanya~~

olla everybody
fuh...pagi td bangun lambat sampai UTP dah lambat
hahhaha......act nk bertolak pukul 9am tp last2x at 930am baru bertolak
n sampai UTP dlm 1130am laa...rempit dipagi ari mmg best
sejuk tetiba hujan renyai kat kwsn bukit gantang until manong
waaa...sejuk pas tu ok dah..laju btoii sy bwak pas ujan stop sbb nk cover bawak slow masa ujan..hihi(laju la sgt~~)
smlm b4 balik buat marble cake 2 biji utk mama...hehe...mama semangat je bila anak dia nk wat cake kan
sampai 2 biji dia suru buat..sory la suma..pic cake tu x da sbb camera adik kena virus..x leh copy pic..penin!!!!
so ari ni bawak balik cake skit la..bestnye..lama x makan home made cake~
nati bebila free i will share it wif u all ek..the recipe
apa pon skang ni sy dah start keja kat IRC...susun2x buku..tampal sticker..hehe
act dpt call dpt keja smlm la kat umah...tu yg kelam kabut balik pagi ni..hahah
ok la..part timw je keja..bosan2x leh la keja..tampung duit guna msa cuti ni...
ag pon ada plan lain nk guna duit tu...hehe
act keja x byk..bila abis keja x yah la dtg dah..balik je
keja dlm 3-4 jam je 1 day
kecuali kalu ada bnda susun2x ke..lama la gak la...pas tu g lab
biar msa pack skit
x da la asyik main je kat rum ni..main tenet 24 jam plak kang
dah la nk start sem..kang jd habit plak
ag pon bila susun buku la buku utk FYP research gak..hahah..nice one...
pas tu pinjam terus.,...hahah...2 in 1 la katakan
so far keja dia cam join event dulu2x
ok gak sbnrnye sbb tau majalah2x kat utp n fully system dia
pas ni makin pandai la sy nk memproses buku2x kat sini..hehe
ni pon dayah yg g tambun sesama ari tu bg tau..dia stop keja sbb x jd ambik master and g keja
so i g la ganti tmpt dia sbb IRC nk pakai orng sgt..sian dayah x jd smbung apply la utk ganti si dayah ni...ok la 2 kan
bebila pon leh keja..sem depan pon x byk subject
bila free leh la g keja kan..x da la lepak kat room dh pas ni..nice kan~~
alhamdullillah dpt gak isi masa lapang and tambah duit yg makin kering di final year ni..huhu
so pas wat keja kat IRC ngat nk g lab tp lupa plak x pakai kasut
so balik bilik letak barang suma pas tu golek2x atas katil
then apa ag ka zzzZzzZZzzz~~~~...hahah..tanpaku sedari..hehe
xpa la..penat kot naik moto.....ha...ckp pasal moto..ada bnda skit nk cite


masa balik umah isi minyak PETRONAS as usual la kan..x kan x loyal kan..huhu...RM 10 rgt ek (full tank) baru sampai umah tp masa balik td x sempat nk cr PETRONAS so isi je la caltex (maaf ek x loyal kejap~~~) then ngok2x half tank je guna..x kering pon..isk3x..teruk benor kualiti minyak yg ag satu x pa la sbb masa guna CALTEX sy guna constant speed so agak it influences the fuel usage la kan..masa balik ari tu ada sesat skit (x sampai 2 km pon) tp byk braking la kot..may b makan minyak
so xpa la..i will alwaz used PETRONAS fuel (loyal ek...)
erm...rsanya tu je la utk ari ni....
ngah fikir bila nk basuh kain ni sbb ngat nk basuh byk2x terus masa pindah bilik nati..huhu
my new room kat V5 H L1.1.1..comey kan num dia..hehe...nati cnfirm balik bila leh masuk
klah suma


c ya