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Friday, October 30, 2009

To do list before 5/11~

olla everybody
apa kabo suma???
hope u all sihat la ek
week ni sgt bz n weekend ni akn jd super duper triple bz ok
x tau la cam na weekend ni


Project Vehicle and Chassis Design using ADAMS software
Steering and Suspension Lab report
Assignment Advance Manufacturing Technology(AMTt) (4 ques)
AMT individual project
AMT group project
Test AMT (thurs)
Strategic Management Group Project
Interim Report FYP 1
FYP 1 Oral Presentation
AMT individual project Presentation
Strategic Management group presentation
Meeting weekend ni ada 2 rsanya
sabtu mlm ada WIDA JULY O5

ambik ko
suma ni nk submit b4 5/11
final first paper 12/11
waaaa....gilo la nk wat byk report

td baru siapkan 2 report n submit..x masuk dlm list ni ek
ya allah kuatkan lah hati ni nak wat suma report ek
FYP1 presentation x tau la nk wat paling tense sekali
Tp ttp gak post entry bila nk release wat report ek
kejap2x update pas tu smbng balik wat report
baru la ok skit
Final Year x best ok
byk sgt keja nk kena siapkan
td baru je balik dr Graduation Briefing
tu pon satu gak
byk form nk isi
ya allah cekalkanlah hati ni
harap grad ngan best nati
tolonglah permudahkan suma ni
sabo je la
too many software to learn
mana sempat kn
apa pon wish me luck ek


c ya


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my favourite cafe for dinner -- V3--

olla everybody
juz nk share ngan suma pasal cafe yg best utk my dinner la ek
my opinion je ek
orng lain x tau la tp suma pon suka cafe ni utk dinner ye
so ni cafe v3 and v3 stand for village 3
so jauh skit je dr my hostel sbb i duduk v5 which is village 5
apa yg best cafe ni ada byk pilihan makanan n sedap
pas tu ok la harga makanan kat situ
ermm...x tau la nk cite apa ag
penat ni..sory la..juz njoys d pic ek

akak yg jaga cafe ni

menu kat v3


c ya


Suasana sepanjang pilihan raya kampus~~

olla everybody
seperti yg dijanjikan
ni pic sepanjang PRK UTP ek..hhihi

p/s:sory kalu pic blur..tq


c ya


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

election notice


olla everybody
ni election notice
so kitaorng akan mengundi 28/10/09
apa pon x da la cuak sgt mengundi kat UTP ni since bukan hangat sgt cam public Uni kan
apa pon best la..rsa gak cara2x mengundi
hehe..apa pon sy akan try ambik picture sewaktu mengundi and tampal poster ek
nak tau apa2x update juz ngok notice ni ek


c ya


Manifesto from future MPP


olla everybody
skang 6.36 am..
juz nak share some info pasal manifesto ari tu
my vote now is only for this guy
he is ex MPP in UTP im sure he has vision and mission if he be MPP for the second time
ag pon mmg penting ada orng yg experience ni
lagi 4 vote x tau ag utk sapa but...
ni blog yg sy jumpa ni debater
so im not sure to vote him or not
sbb kdng2x mmg orng ni pandai ckp je tp x pandai buat keja
but i got some of his speech
ayat dia cam ni

"“You must know, that I stand alone, without any backup from any organizations..just me and My3forall…we are young and brave enought to take on other bigger names and bigger organization…we want a healthy campus politics …not a planned question and answer session, not a provoking but constructive fight among candidates…not a cowardly play of praising before a question…”"

so as a senior a.k.a final year
i found it true sometimes...hehe...this guy is so barve to said it...berani kerana benar
but still nk ngok achievement dia ag la
i rasa tu je for now kot...jap je update ni..
doakan sy dpt wat test vehicle and chassis design ptg ni ek
apa pon sy akan update pasal candidate yg bertanding ek...skang ni ngah cr ag materialnya..huhu
bz skit nak wat report and project...buat suma..rabu ni adalah ahri mengundi
i hope all d best to all candidate
sorang je pon akan kalah..hehe
xpa la dik
big lesson kalu kalah sbb bukan sng nk jd pemimpin tau..apa pon im sure all of them learn something
klah suma...all d bez for anything ek


c ya


Monday, October 26, 2009

Should i or should't i?

olla everybody
i have lots of report , presentation and assgn to do dis week
plus i have test
but i got an invitation for dinner
farewell dinner for my frenz who going to finish their study in nov
huhu..should i go or should't i?
i have 1 invitation for raya that i already refuse since i have work to do
act not 1 but a sad but i really have so much thing to do
starting tmrw i will be in d library until i finish my report
i need to do dat if not im not focusing on d work
help mee..plz give me d ans


c ya


one done~

olla everybody
now is 2.49 am and i still awake
of course i am la cz i have lots of work to do
being final year student in UTP need u to do lots of presentation
sometimes, i think it is not necessary but wat to do
you just a student
listen and follow
ok..dat's it
i just want to tell all of you that i have persuasive presentation tomorrow
im candidate number 3(hehe...manisfesto mode~~~)
i will have my presentation at 4-5pm in building 16 if im not mistaken
huhu...i just want to persuade my frenz to use and buy Hiruscar if they had scar
this is a really good product i hope so
huhu...whatever it is.. i will present tmrw and im done for this subject
hopefully i get good mark for this subject...praying for that
it so subjective to ensure you get A for this subject since it is about communication
if u have the skill and in the right spot at that time..
im sure you in
audiences respond towards your presentation is so important..before this i done the technical presentation about nail behaviors...i glad all of them like it and ask a lots of question.
it interesting and caught their attention....tq to Allah swt....its not easy to get student attention after you sit down for 2 hours hearing for so many type of presentation
some of the presentation is so technical until you become so blur and start yawning..huhu
im not one of them ok???since im the MC on dat day
watever it is..i just hope i can manage it tmrw and get their attention..thats full mark for getting people attention....
i will start my practice tmrw morning and write simple and compact info for this presentation to ensure i deliver it effectively to the audience..hope i make it like the first presentation
wish me luck year is so tiring many journal to read and evaluate...
klah..thats all for today
i will post when i take a break from reading or writing reports


c ya


p/s:This is my presentation outline question..i already answer it and make it as guideline during presentation..hope it will be useful for everybody...chow

Title of Presentation

1. Justify your topic by describing the problem that you have identified.


  1. How did you determine the knowledge level/stand/viewpoint of your audience?
  2. How did this information influence your presentation?
  3. How do you plan to gain the audience’s attention?
  4. In relation to your topic, what are some ethical issues that you took into consideration? Explain.


1. Introduction

    • What is your thesis statement?
    • What is the purpose and importance of choosing this topic?
    • How is the topic relevant to the audience?
    • List the main points that will support your thesis statement.
    • How are you establishing credibility?

  1. Body
    • Which organizational pattern are you using? Justify your choice.
    • List the supporting ideas for each main point.
    • How do you ensure that there is coherent transition from one main point to the next main point?
    • Describe how you are going to summarize after each main point.

  1. Conclusion
    • How do you plan to effectively conclude your persuasive presentation?
    • Appeal to senses: statement, phrase,
    • Describe how you are going to summarize the entire presentation.
    • Describe how you are going to reiterate the purpose and importance of the whole presentation to relate to your audience.

Question and Answer Session

1. List some of the questions that you anticipate from the audience.

Practice Session

1. How did you practice your speech?

    • for example: where, when, with whom, how many times?
  1. Which area of your speech needed improvement?

· for example: content, delivery

  1. Did you stay within the time limit?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tonight is Manifesto Day for MPP(Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar)


olla everybody
mlm ni i akan g manifesto bakal2x MPP kat UTP ni
nak ngok gak calon2x yg bakal bawak MPP ni
nak dgr skit apa manifesto diorng
pas tu nak dgr apa improvement yg diorng nk bwk pada student UTP ni
apa pon sy try utk dptkn video manifesto setiap calon ye
maaf lambat post cz lately bz skit wat presentation n project
ari ni baru je abis krusus pra perkhawinan phase 1..huhu
best gak la..byk ilmu fiqah yg belajar..alhamdullillah
..pasal tu nati st update ek
apa pon nak ready utk manifesto mlm ni..huhu
best gak ni
aura pilihanraya kampus bermula disaat student bz nak final exam
dgr kata calon utk general aka HICOM ada 6 yg bertanding
so 5 je la akan menang
utk kerusi COURSE suma dah menang tanpa bertanding
may b student bz r kan..nk jd MPP ni byk persediaan kot
apa pon i wish all of them d best n i akan undi berdsarkan manifesto mlm ni
yg mana idea bernas and realistic je akan dpt undiku ini..hehe
apa pon c ya for next entry for more details

p/s:mmg i involve in every manifesto for new MPP...hehe..besala kan...they will work wif me in the event b4 dis ,so as HICOM club i should know la MPP kn..skang ni dah jd let's see their ideas tonight...


c ya


Thursday, October 22, 2009

story to be share

olla everybody
now 3.33am and i still awake
finish my presentation for next week
and planning to finish my report and project
i hope it going smooth as i wanted
for this entry i really2x want to share i got from my email just now
but im so sorry it is in malay
it really motivate me to finish strong
Final Year is seriously lots of pressure and tension
ok...i hope you all enjoy the story...let's read

"While people sleep, we work. While people work, we work ahead," Saya tidak akan lupa kata-kata itu.

Ianya terucap kira-kira 15 tahun lalu oleh pengetua kolej Mr. PMS Jassal ketika saya menekuni pengajian A-Level, jurusan undang-undang di Juara Academy College di ibu kota.

Waktu itu, saya adalah pelajar Melayu tunggal dan 'tunggul' dalam kelas seramai 30 orang itu. Berkecamuk fikiran pada hari pertama saya mendaftar. Masakan tidak, sudahlah 'solo' ditambah pula dengan 'sepatah haram' saya tidak memahami apa yang diajar.

Bukan sehari tetapi berjangkit sehingga lebih sebulan!

Tidak cukup dengan itu, saya sering menjadi bahan ketawa rakan-rakan sekelas dan pensyarah lantaran kegagalan saya untuk membuat 'presentation' jauh sekali untuk mendapat tempat teratas dalam carta kelas.

Lebih menambahkan pedih dan pilu di jiwa, apabila seorang pelajar yang selalu dianggap 'best student' dalam kelas mencabar sambil menghunuskan jari telunjuknya tepat ke muka saya.
"At the end of the day, nobody can touch me, especially you!" katanya pada saya, terkelipot-kelipot malu.

Seorang pelajar wanita pula, bertaruh untuk menjamu saya makan di hotel lima bintang, sekiranya berjaya mendapat keputusan cemerlang.

Saya percaya, dia berani bertaruh kerana yakin yang saya tidak akan menggapai bintang. Betul-betul menghinakan.

Kawan-kawan seperti Manoj Kumar, Manimaran, Azman Sagau dan Ronnie menenangkan saya. Mereka memberi perangsang dan selalu membantu, apa yang saya tidak tahu.

Setelah enam bulan berlalu di kolej itu, saya sering bertemu dengan pensyarah Baljit Singh Sidhu untuk mendapat 'evaluation' atau penilaian ke atas prestasi pengajian saya selama ini dan seperti yang dijangkakan jawapannya cukup mendukacitakan.

"Aaa...don't worry. Bottom line, you boleh pass...,"
katanya tergesa-gesa. Sedih. Bukannya pangkat A, B atau C tetapi sekadar lulus cukup makan sahaja..

Suatu malam, ketika gelisah untuk melelapkan mata dan merawang masa depan yang kabur, tertangkap kalimah kudus dari ibu tercinta sebagai kata-kata azimat ketika menjejak kaki di ibu kota untuk menuntut ilmu.

"Mak tak boleh tengok dan jaga anak mak setiap masa.
Mintalah Allah supaya jaga dan selamatkan anak mak. Jika susah, mintalah pada Allah, pasti Dia perkenankan. Percayalah..."kata Azizah Jasin, ibu tercinta kepada saya sambil memetik bait-bait ayat kalimah tuhan.

"Dan Tuhan kamu berfirman: "Berdoalah kamu kepada-Ku nescaya Aku perkenankan doa permohonan kamu." (Surah Ghafir ayat 60)

Saya bingkas, lalu mengerjakan solat dua rakaat. Tewas, akhirnya air mata basah di hujung sejadah.

Mulai hari itu, saya tidak menoleh lagi. Saya berusaha sedaya dan sekuat mungkin. Kamus sentiasa di sisi, tiap kali saya membuka buku. Buku seperti English Legal System, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence setiap helaiannya saya ulangi sampai lapan kali!

Malah, saya hantar tugasan-tugasan dan 'asignment' sendiri berkajang-kajang kepada pensyarah untuk disemak, bertanya soalan-soalan bertubi-tubi sehingga kelihatan 'membosankan' bagi mereka.

Saya kemudian beranikan diri bercakap di khalayak, walaupun 'broken English.'
"Apa nak malu, janji saya maju. Biar mereka ketawa atau sendawa, janji saya berjaya," getus hati cuba menceriakan hari.

Waktu itu, barulah saya tahu, doa dan kerja keras (rajin, usaha) adalah pembuka jalan kejayaan. Mungkin ini ayat 'cliche' atau 'stereotype'. Hakikatnya hidup ini tidak ada yang 'short cut'.

Selepas doa itu, setiap apa yang saya pelajari, hafal dan faham datang dengan begitu mudah. Dikenal ketika senang, dilupa ketika susah
"While people sleep, we work. While people work, we work ahead," kata Jassal menepuk-nepuk bahu saya yang kelihatan agak sugul adakalanya.

Dan di saat saya menjalani proses lipat kali ganda usaha, baru saya tahu bahawa kerajinan orang Cina dan orang Putih atau kaum-kaum lain membuatkan mereka berjaya. Bukannya faktor otak Cina lebih baik dari otak Melayu atau otak Orang Putih lebih baik dari semua otak-otak.

"Allah tidak membebankan seseorang itu melainkan mengikut keupayaannya. Baginya apa yang diusahakan dan ke atasnya akibat apa yang diusahakan." (Surah Al-Baqarah: 286)

Begitu juga dengan surah
Ar-Ra'ad (ayat 11): "Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan merubah nasib suatu kaum melainkan kaum itu sendiri yang merubah nasibnya."

Ya, saya yakin doa akan dimakbulkan Tuhan. Usaha gigih dapat balasan setimpal. Tak kira siapa, Melayu, Cina, India dan Mat Salleh juga akan dapat balasan, jika usaha lebih. Bukan masalah otak.

Dulu ketika mengerjakan umrah, saya pernah berdoa yang 'bukan-bukan' di depan Kabaah. Ketika itu, tahun 1990 usia saya menjangkau 16 tahun. Akibat terlalu obses dengan cerita-cerita aneh, mistik dan misteri di Makkah dan Madinah, saya mula memanjatkan doa, untuk melihat bukti kuasa Tuhan.

"Ya Allah, jika benar makbul doa di sini, hilanglah seliparku."
Begitu dangkal doa saya dan cuba menguji Tuhan.

Sebelum itu telah saya sorokkan selipar buruk itu di suatu sudut di pintu masuk Masjidil Haram. Ringkaskan cerita, Tuhan makbulkan permintaan saya yang pendek akal itu. Hilang selipar saya, walaupun ianya buruk.

Dan lebih parahkan lagi keadaan, selipar saya hilang setiap kali saya beli yang baru, dan berlanjutan selama enam hari! Mengelabah, pucat dan panik saya dibuatnya.

Saya cuba menyembunyikan peristiwa itu daripada ayah saya, yang mula kehairanan apabila setiap hari, tiap kali pulang daripada masjid meminta 5 ke 10 Riyal (lebih kurang RM 5.00 ke RM10.00). Tujuannya hanya untuk membeli selipar baru.

Pernah sekali, saya berkaki ayam dari Masjidil Haram pulang ke tempat penginapan sambil ditertawakan orang Arab yang lalu lalang. Apa boleh buat, itu balasan Allah, pada saya yang mulut celupar.

Dua hari terakhir di Makkah, saya berteleku di depan Kabaah, memperbaharui doa semula dengan penuh rasa insaf..

Sejak doa itu, selipar saya tidak hilang lagi. Ya, Allah sentiasa selamat dan perkenankan doa saya. Begitu juga yang orang lain. Berusaha dan mintalah, percayalah Allah tidak mengecewakan..

Alhamdullillah, tidak menghampakan apabila Allah kabulkan juga doa saya untuk melintasi peperiksaan A-Level yang diduduki. Walaupun usaha tidak setara mana, tetapi kuasa Allah mengatasi segala-galanya.

Ketika keputusan A-Level diumumkan, saya sedang 'bercuti' dan 'mengaji' di sebuah sekolah pondok di selatan tanahair. Manoj dan Manimaran menghubungi saya melalui telefom awam. Masa itu tidak bercambah lagi, telefon bimbit.

"Congratulations! You and Patricia are the best student in the college. Come drop by, take your exam transcript,"
ujar Manoj. Barangkali kedua-duanya kini sudah bergelar peguam.

Keesokannya saya sudah terpacak di kolej di Jalan Hang Lekiu, Kuala Lumpur itu untuk mengambil keputusan dan teka apa yang berlaku?

Pensyarah dan pengetua mula mengerumuni. Menawarkan biasiswa untuk melanjutkan pelajaran dan melahirkan pujian berguni-guni.

Yang menghunus jari telunjuk ke muka, yang bertaruh untuk menjamu selera dan yang gelak ketawakan saya, hilang entah ke mana.

Ya, kita dikenang dan dikenal ketika di puncak. Diapung, diangkat dan dijulang ketika senang. Namun ketika susah, pahit dan payah, siapa pun tidak tahu malah menjarakkan diri, kata benak saya melihat watak-watak yang ada di depan mata.


Ya, akhirnya bila kita berusaha, berdoa dan bersabar, nescaya Allah perkenankan dan selamatkan kita...percayalah.

"Dan berikanlah berita gembira bagi orang yang bersabar." (Surah al Baqarah ayat 155)

Tulisan sepicing ini ataupun coretan caca marba yang tidak seberapa ini saya tujukan ikhlas untuk adik-adik yang bakal menduduki peperiksaan, yang melanjutkan pelajaran di menara gading dan juga untuk insan-insan yang mulai rasa putus asa, agar sentiasa bersangka baik kepada Tuhan, Allah yang maha tahu beban, kepayahan dan ujian hamba-Nya.


c ya


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tension ngan segalanya~~


olla everybody...ermm..ari ni adalah ari paling tension sekali
geram n bosan
ari ni ada talk yg panjang tp best la cz pasal automotive
tp ada replacement class yg diberitahu at 7.20pm sedangkn class at 8pm
can u imagine how would i feel dat time?
mmg geram x pa la..lecturer akan postpone presentation next week
as far as i know
next week is disaster sbb byk test, project submittion.,assgn and presentation FYP
im so tense right now
assgn punya la susah....geram btoii ngok soalan tu
waaaaaaa..project plak nk wat mcm technology but facility x da
apa kes la UTP ni ...mmg selalu cam 2
apa pon i juz wanna tell all of u i tense
may b makin tambah2x geram sbb terpaksa g talk
n x sempat nk catch up dean list award
g td suma orng dah xda
juz ada committees dia je
ambik sijil and mkn sndiri
pas tu balik..sedey kn...isk3x...sabo je la.......
apa pon tu je la ri ni.....nk share study pic cz skang kena start tukar mode
njoys d pic ek


c ya


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dean list award~


olla nak cite pasal mechanical academic award
ni award utk student yg excel dlm academic from previous sem
so this year i one of them...alhamdulillah
my name pop up at the mechi notice board and i have been invited to go to the award day
sapa x suka kan
dpt mkn dinner ag
lately byk sgt open house n dinner kena attend
dr club nye invitation, staff , frenz and many more
mmg kenyang la bulan ni
tp bulan ni gak disaster nk submit suma project ok?
huhu..apa pon..i hope next year i will be able to take the award again
i hope i can maintain my GPA for dis sem
nmpak cam x sure sgt tp i will try my best
juz give a shoot kan
so far byk presentation x start ag dah lari topic
apa pon nk bg tau i will go to the academic award gak
kejap je kot cz waktu tu ada talk from one of my class yg wajib attend
after that adjunct lecture kena tulis report k
waaaaa...tension btoii kalu wat report ni
apa pon gudluck to me and hope to grad with flying colors

c ya


Sunday, October 18, 2009

nak cite pasal orang yg saya follow blog dia~~


olla everybody

apa kabo suma..
ari ni ada bengkel kerjaya so baru je bali dr bengkel tu
so informative for student who going to grad soon
ok la pasal tu tp ari ni x nak cite lebih2x pon pasal tu
topic ari ni..nak cite pasal orang2x yg sy follow blog mereka ek
hihi...sgt best la diorng ni n may b anda suma pon suka gak
so..let's start wif the first one

dr aina aka pretty witty angel

x ngat bila baca blog dia tp masa dia masih student la...
apa pon suka sgt baca blog dia sbb dia ni happy go lucky type punya orng
cantik orng(ngok pic dlm blog dia ek)
then dia ni paling best sekali bila dia cite perasaan dia dlm blog
dia cite suma la..kalu benci ckp benci
kalu suka ckp i like dat kind of person
cuma skang ni dah jd doktor susah la nk update blog sgt kan
tp still ada la entry dr dia..happy to hear from hear
pas tu dia ni orng kelantan...for me she's interesting
hahha..cute je bila dia luahkan perasan
orng cam ni x simpan dendam kat orng bila dah luahkan perasaan
dat y dia leh happy go lucky je..hehe..apa pon akan terus baca blog dia
i wish u gudluck dr aina..walaupon x penah jumpa tp
blog dia best..ha..sebelum terlupa..dia ada link ngan 1 blog yg sy baca gak
iaitu 75summerstown..i will tell u later ek

pas tu blog ni plak sy ikut

blog ni pasal seorang ibu yg cite pasal anak dia aqila
aqila ni sgt comey..dia muka sebijik cam ayah dia
blog ni sgt updated k
bole dikatakan everyday ada entry..tu yg best kalu follow
hehe..pas tu dia suka letak pic la..kasi info gak la pasal bdk2x
pas tu skang ni dia ngah pregnant..dpt anak laki kot dr brng baby yg dia beli cam 2 je
hihi..dah dpt guest..apa pon best ngok dia nye happy family
ada gak orng bg comment ntah apa2x kat blog dia tp for me
dia ckp yg betul apa
dia share pasal anak dia kat blog utk anak dia baca bukan nak menunjuk
suma mummy rasa anak dia the best kot
sgt kelakar ngok orng yg dengki ngan dia..apa pon
i like her blog pas tu i will follow sampai bebila la
dia ni best n cool
im sure she's gonna be the best mummy for aqila
so sweet ngok diorng
i wish u all d best mummy aqila..cheese!!!

blog yg ke-3 adalah

ok ni sebenarnye dpt dr pretty witty angel nye link ek
apa yg attract me nk buka bila i ngok nama 75summerstown
apa ek??..i guess gak masa tu sbb cam cute plak
bandar musim panas the name..pas tu buka la link tu
pas tu attract me ag bila kat page tu tulis ayat ni ek "

Five guys. Malaysians. Once medical students. Once stuck in a house in Summerstown Cork. NOW all Doctors, going separate ways. What will they be up to?? ish macam macam.....

ni ayat tu ek(masa diorng student lain skit rsanya tp dah x ngat)..nice kan..lagi2x la nak baca pasal apa i start baca dr 1st entry sampai diorng stop k..mmg best
rupa2xnya 75summerstown tu..nama umah dia kat cork..tempat diorng belajar
ada 5 orng dalam umah ni whom are izad,ammen,shahid,nik and ilman..msa baca blog ni diorng still student tp skang dah jd doktor..ada yg kat malaysia n ada ag kat corn keja la kan
i love their seyesly adore wif it..susah kot nk jumpa friendship cam diorng siap ada giliran sapa nk tulis blog bila dah keja ni yg selalu post pon izad la and maestronine (may b nik kalu x silap)..hehe..apa pon izad ni suka post video la gak kan tp kalu balik utp x ngok la cz youtube x valid kat sini ek...haha..balik ngok kat umah la..
apa pon for me sgt best la bila baca blog diorng..diorng nye thought suma..i think they have a strong friendship that build wif sincere heart..waa...happy for them and wish them all d bez..diorng ni kawan ngan dr aina ek..hehe sbb ada pic dr aina kat blog diorng
apa pon sy doakan 5 rakan doktor ni berjaya dalam career mereka..i x tau la sgt psal doktor cz i bakal engineer..insyaallah..amin~~..nk grad thn depan ek..hihi

blog yg ke -4

blog ni dpt dr link 75summetown ye...ok..sng cite..pas baca blog ni baru i tau ni ayah kepada dr izad..hehe..ayah dia ada blog..jgn main2x ek tp kan blog dia sgt bagus
mcm newspaper kot..suma update psal dunia ada kat sini n malaysia gak ye
blog ni in english la mostly so mmg sng la orng dr mana2x country nk baca
selalu buka blog ni cz kdng2x susah nk load paper nye page..bila buka blog ni dpt la tau kaluada apa2x berlaku
...cnth terbaru adalah gempa bumi kat sumatera kan..i think dia nye explanation ag best la
mcm journal pon ada blog it is very infromative for all of u..have a look k
x kenal sgt biodata penulis ni but i only know he's a dato' x tau la dlm bidang apa dia ceburi
apa pon i love his informative info yg best tu sampai i pon ngat nak beli skang x kot
duit nk guna utk FYp MAA....hhehe..
sy doakan dia sihat and bahagia, satu kan
dia nye granddaughter sgt cute nama qistina..cute her.....;)

blog ke 5 and 6

ok..too simplified dis two blog..sng cite ni blog yg post novel and cerpen ek
for ur information im addicted to novel k..hihi...
so dua blog ni mmg tiptop
cite dia sampai dpt publish ikut company alaf 21 yg power tu..waaa
bangga gue..nati nk beli la novel diorng
skang x kuar ag ek...apa pon kalu burink buka la blog ni baca ek novel diorng
so sweet and both of them

n lastly blog anak beranak je ek
saiful nang is a millionaire photographer yg mmg i suka sgt ngan dia nye keja
pic dia sgt best n cantik and the best..x tau nk ckp camna..ngok sndiri
pas tu blog dia ni sgt bg inspiration tome la..sbb dia ni dtg dr keluarga yg susah n berjaya tau
beristerikan seorng lecturer yg ada phd dlm chemical engineering
wow..power sgt..sgt suka ngan dia nye keja n attitude dia pada keja
i learn a lots form his blog..i hope he keep give inspiring story to all his readers
waaa....x terucap ngan kata2x ek..nk berjaya gak cam tu tp dlm bidang automotive
nk join 1 malaysia formula 1 car..hehe..i will...kata utp tempat research dia kan..apa ag
jom serbu..hihi...
n orked saiful tu adalah anak saiful nang yg baru ye 1 year ++
so blog ni ditulis oleh mummy n daddy dia la
sgt best bila diorng cite pasal journey orked yg nakal n sweet tu
pas tu cite tempat diorng g n pic diorng tangakap
suka sgt..i wish i can travel around world i day
sapa tau kan..jd engineer yg jaga race keta byk tu..hehe
pas tu..sgt suka ngan determination yg saiful nang ni bawak n charity work yg dia buat
orng senang yg ingat pada yg susah..i want to be like dat too if i success
cz lebih byk kita beri lebih byk kita dpt..amin~~..moga allah give me to the right path
apa pon saiful nang the best and i will hired him as my photographer on my wedding
hhehe..x tau la bila ek..skang ni focus stdy cinta2x...stdy my career..
yes.. i will do it

klah..rsanya tu je bnda nak cite kali ni..hope korang pon baca la blog diorng ni
best sgt
suma yg sy baca ni bg inspirasi utk berjaya dlm idup
hidup penuh dengan suka dan duka so cam na kita nak atasi
kita yg kena bijak bertindak~~
that all for u all..muahxx!!!!!!!!


c ya


Fun can obviously change behaviour for the better~

Salam..olla everybody

i can sleep right now so i found something interesting to share wif all of you
i got dis from so its interesting fun can change people behaviour towards something
there are 3 video that i will share here njoys it ok..
if anybody have brilliant ideas plz enter dis competition ek..hehe
nice job to all who contribute to this video..hehe
may b medtech will join it soon..who knows
ok2x..i dun want to tell you njoys d video

1st video

2nd video

3rd video

hope u all njoys d video ek


c ya


Saturday, October 17, 2009

testing enlarge photo in blogger


this is the picture for my exam timetable..let's try it ok


c ya


p/s: i already try it but i cant do it..the max i can go is s400..if i exceed dis size the pic wont appear..waaaa

How to Enlarge Photos on Blogger

salam..olla everybody..i already know how to do i share dis info wif u all

While in your post, click on "edit Html". Then look for this set of's the code for the picture you just uploaded.

Now delete this section of code--everything circled above. After deleting the indicated code, your html for your picture should look like this:

Now it's time to change the size of your photo. You can choose from s400, s576 or s640 depending on the look you want and the parameters of your blog. Try a few on for size and see what works best for you. See below picture for the section of code you'll want to change during this final step.

All in all this should take you about 30 seconds. Let me know if you have any further questions!


c ya


testing features


abaikan post ni ek..nk try feature yg ada dlm blogger ni..x reti sgt..haha

this is my blog sy..nk try click jd x masuk page ni

Exam Timetable


olla everybody??? ni just nk bg tau pasal exam timetable..huhu
sem ni ambik 6 subject but only 4 have exam ek
hihi..but this 4 subject is not easy ok
lot's of reading and calculation
ok..calculation is necessary ek cz im taking engineering
what in d earth if there are no calculation...huhu
ok..thats all about my subject
so pic below show my timetable..
i start my 1st paper on 12/11 and finish my exam on 21/11
huhu..pack ha...but still has gap from one paper to the next paper
im glad when i see it
if no gap mean no sleep ok...huhu...ok..let's see my exam timetable..hihi

im so sory if it is too small but i dun know how to make it bigger when u click on the picture
so sory about it
if anybody know how to do it..let me know k..i will try it for the next entry..hehe
still learning...kih3x
i already got my exam next step is study ek..huhu...
i have one management subject dis sem and it is so book worm type ek..haha
hope u understand what i mean....hahaha
hope i got flying colors for dis exam and make up for my pointer b4 i grad
very2x important ek....huh...but still i have a lots of project to submit and lots and lots
of assignment, test ,presentation and test to do in 3 weeks
huhu..hope i can make it...
so for the mean time all of u will hear song from YOLANDA ADAM - I BELIEVE ..hihi
hope it give some moral support for me..glad i found back dis song..yeahh
ok ..i think that for now
my webcam can be operate right now so may b next time i will post video for u all
ya allah...permudahkan perjalanan hidup hambamu ini..moga berjaya didunia dan akhirat

k..c ya