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Saturday, September 26, 2009

everybody in d house going back to their place

salam...olla everybody

how r u all been doing lately??..gain more weight for raya...hahha...hope not cz i did...hahha
ok..wat ever ye...wat is d most important thing is i need to finish my study and get my degree....
1 year of struggles...i hope i can bear it..
k..stop on it although it alwaz on my mind...
tomorow is sunday so all my sibling will go back to their hostel and uni
but not me...i got 2 more days cz our raya oliday combined wif our mid sem oliday...
total of 10 days if i not mistaken...
im sad but that's wat alwaz happen if we go back for raya
after 1 week everybody will pack n go back..n we will gather back like dis d next raya
can u all imagine???....we had different study in private university while
my sibling in public uni and boarding school...we never had change to meet each other except for raya
raya haji my 2nd lil bro will celebrate it at his uni..that alwaz like dat...
huh...wat going to happen when all of us working..i can't imagine that!!!!!
both of my lil bro go to shopping today..buying all their stuff before go back to their place
they in military base school and uni so they seldom get change to go out for outing
juz maintain their life with wat their both now...hahah...that's wat they want
we are totally different...of course we are home will go be like b4...silent and body here
ok lah...that's all for now

c ya..