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Monday, November 9, 2009


olla everybody
right now im so tired with all the assgn, project, presentation and exam
dis 2 week i can't get enough sleep and i got so many thing to do
many thing to read and learn in short time of really2x exhausted doing all dis
my FYP one of my biggest concern cz a lots of thing for me to do to ensure we will compete in the competition
it seriously a biggest challenges for me
i dont know wat to do right now
i juz need to cry for a moment
need some time for myself..huhu..this sem is really disaster
with me taking automotive
make it even worse cz many thing u need to do it alone
stand by your own tired
so tired until i cry..i need to cry..i got paper dis thur but i study nothing
bz preparing for the project and presentation
it so suck ok...seyesly im exhausted for dis 2 week
i cry...cry and cry...i dun know who the best one for me to tell wat i feel
it seyesly nobody
frenz...sahabat..for perjuangan..i lost my frenz but wat can i do
sahabat not suit juz cant..i dun know y?...keep asking myself..wat have ALLAH SWT install for me in future
until i feel so lonely and painful right now...i have nobody to talk too..seyesly i cant think one name
the one i alwaz cry wif already got far away from me after i have been in perjuangan
wat to do..our life is so different and im so bz until i cant hang out wif them
but i love them so much..why all dis happen..feeling lonely in the middle of bzness make u feel even worse and worse
my rumate is bz doing her report..she said sorry cz cannot help me right now but i know she bz
im ok wif dat..i do understand her situation
but i think my heart hurt a in pain with my cheerful face
oh ALLAHswt..wat act u store for me in future...may b something good so i must be in pain right so sad...tired and keep crying..i juz need some space may b...oh ALLAH swt..plz make me a strong girl..tough one ha?...i need it...sometimes when u hold thing to much in ur heart u will breakdown wifout any strong reason
u juz need to keep crying until u feel relieve...dats wat im doing right now
i alwaz cry when im in 1 and 2 year..during my time in MEDTECH..need to be someone else for others people..need to do my job in young age while my frenz get good foundation of tarbuyah ha...hihi...may b..i thought like dat...
tq to my blog which help me feel good after telling all this
to get a degree is so difficult right many project n presentation...why all d lecturer give it last is so terrible when u need to do all of it in a short period of time
fuh.........i need to be strong..and i alwaz...lots of smile on ur face doesn't means u happy ok
but may b that d way u keep urself motivated for the next day
right now im feeling so sad and tired
may b cz i cant get enough sleep make me feel dis way
think too much about my feeling
but i dun lie...seyesly im feeling like i stand by my own feet without anybody support
fuh!!!!!!!!!...i need to finish this battle strong..........plz ya ALLAH..give me some help..i need one
really need it...

ok..i think thats all..i already stop crying...huh...wat a tough tired...but b4 dat lets njoys one make me feel better ...njoys


c ya