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Monday, December 7, 2009

my "orang sebelah" a.k.a rumeto momento~~


olla everybody

first of all...thank ALLAH for giving me such a wonderful rumeto momento..hehe
this is her nickname from me
i learn a lots...we share a lots...she's tough than she her
tq alots for all the moment we share together
and im sorry for everything cz im not prefect...
apa pon i really appreciate watever u done for me
thanks for listen to me.....although you have your own problems....
i don't know how i want to describe it wif word but thanks a lots
thanks for listening
same thing as you experience helps a lots for you to give feedback to me
thanks a gain
i think i need to upload millions of thank video that you show me ha..hehe
thats video i dedicated to you dear

huhu....i juz cant described it wif word.....thanks a lots again


c ya~~~