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Monday, February 1, 2010

i reach my limit!!!

salam..may all dis word tells everything

i promise i will love you all since this is the most important people in my life..who alwaz support me and be wif me no matter wat happen..tq alots

Elegant WordArt 2: Daughter
yes and yes and yes..i know im not a good daughter and sister to sory for not been wif them during oliday and stay in UTP to finish all the work i sory cz i did it again after so sorry...i promise after im graduate i will spend my time wif all of sory again..

Elegant WordArt 2: Friendship
erm..something which is hard to say out loud...i have a lots of frenz but to be wif me when im crying may b not..oh yes..there are but not all of my prob they now..."SAHABAT" is.........speechless..can't say more since they hurt me most compare to comfort me..i dun believe in dis stupid so called" UKHWAH" wif some people..they are some, i do love them..
FRENZ is the best part of our life..reunion, facebooking, chatting, comforting, playing, laughing..we all do dis together..tq for being wif me although im superb bz and still be the one who understand me and alwaz backup me..tq a lots .....tq for accept me when i have my big turning point in my many rules to follows ha??..hihi...tq alots frenz..i love you
may our friendship last forever...after im graduating i will make up our lost time ok..promise`~~~

Elegant WordArt 2: Drive Me Crazy

a lots of things drive me crazy but im sure u will regret it since i will not give up so easily to this "people" or "things"....i have my own way and i know wat the best for me..iA..will GOD willing i will believe what i think is the goal is only one...may me live my life to the fullest...tq again to everybody in my life

Elegant WordArt 2: tomorrow,today,yesterday

yups..i do regret some of my pass..i choose to work and finish other people task compare to spend my weekend wif my frenz but its ok..i learn a lots and i appreciate it so much...although it hurt me wif people whom i work with..i still accept it as a part of my experience
i dont know y i cant tolerate wif them anymore..i guess I REACH MY LIMIT!!!
yes..i im trying to neutralize it back and alwaz remember my ultimate goal


i dun know y i started to hate this "people" hurt a lots and i seyesly cant stop thinking bout it..u all ruin my life a lots and keep giving excuses that claim everybody cant make it...nonsense...huhu...i keep it for so long..i juz realize im hurting right now and im trying to t8 time but i will...current decision is the best as i stay away from me unless there are work for me to do so i will do it professionally as i alwaz applied it in my life...i know i still understand my ultimate goal...but wat i know now is


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