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Monday, February 1, 2010

tense jap~~

olla everybody~~
now is 4.21am and i still awake ek
trying to find the best to do list application available for my desktop
and what can i do...goggle still the best so far..huhu
so i do integrate my calendar for this semester with this blog
hopefully it will remind me my task so far
february is such a bz month for me
i hope i can cope wif it the way..tmrw is 1/2/2010 which is our duedate to submit entry pack for Shell Eco Marathon
fuh...if there are any mistake in the drawing we will redo it soon to ensure we participate in this competition
i pray for the best la since this is my FYP...i already spend so much time on it..huhu

my desktop appearance~~

ok guys...on the left side is to do list with far this is the best i can find and i hope it useful if not i will uninstall it soon
but what most important is on right side of my desktop which is goggle desktop gadget
i just integrate my calendar and gmail to it to ensure i alert with all the my task and email i"ll get in future
i think thats the best i can do...updating goggle calendar is not difficult when u have this gadget since you just need to click on "ADD EVENT" button and it will automatically updated...
easy ha? need to open browser and update it anymore
i like it..for gmail i just check the important email only and if it has attachment i will click on "paper clip symbol" to download it and it will automatically open the browser and download it
nice one..very2x easy and convenience ha?..fuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i suggest all of u to use very helpful...nice one....... week is hectic dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!
help me...i need to go to lab to finish my project...AVD is giving me headache ok!!!!
waaaaa...........RESUME is not prepare yet~~~
plz pray for me ek...i juz feel so tired lately..wif my skuter which not cooperated at all!!!!
i cant live in UTP without my skuter..i juz like my watch been late for 1 walk around the campus is my last choice since the design is like a it is so far for me to get to my class asap ok...its take time for u to walk......hate it so much
then the management ofis is not if u want to settle wif ur RESUME or something related to it you will walking around the campus b4 u finish one task....
u will know it if u UTPian....
klah..i think thats all for now
love all of u..muahxxx~~

c ya