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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Manifesto from future MPP


olla everybody
skang 6.36 am..
juz nak share some info pasal manifesto ari tu
my vote now is only for this guy
he is ex MPP in UTP im sure he has vision and mission if he be MPP for the second time
ag pon mmg penting ada orng yg experience ni
lagi 4 vote x tau ag utk sapa but...
ni blog yg sy jumpa ni debater
so im not sure to vote him or not
sbb kdng2x mmg orng ni pandai ckp je tp x pandai buat keja
but i got some of his speech
ayat dia cam ni

"“You must know, that I stand alone, without any backup from any organizations..just me and My3forall…we are young and brave enought to take on other bigger names and bigger organization…we want a healthy campus politics …not a planned question and answer session, not a provoking but constructive fight among candidates…not a cowardly play of praising before a question…”"

so as a senior a.k.a final year
i found it true sometimes...hehe...this guy is so barve to said it...berani kerana benar
but still nk ngok achievement dia ag la
i rasa tu je for now kot...jap je update ni..
doakan sy dpt wat test vehicle and chassis design ptg ni ek
apa pon sy akan update pasal candidate yg bertanding ek...skang ni ngah cr ag materialnya..huhu
bz skit nak wat report and project...buat suma..rabu ni adalah ahri mengundi
i hope all d best to all candidate
sorang je pon akan kalah..hehe
xpa la dik
big lesson kalu kalah sbb bukan sng nk jd pemimpin tau..apa pon im sure all of them learn something
klah suma...all d bez for anything ek


c ya