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Monday, October 26, 2009

one done~

olla everybody
now is 2.49 am and i still awake
of course i am la cz i have lots of work to do
being final year student in UTP need u to do lots of presentation
sometimes, i think it is not necessary but wat to do
you just a student
listen and follow
ok..dat's it
i just want to tell all of you that i have persuasive presentation tomorrow
im candidate number 3(hehe...manisfesto mode~~~)
i will have my presentation at 4-5pm in building 16 if im not mistaken
huhu...i just want to persuade my frenz to use and buy Hiruscar if they had scar
this is a really good product i hope so
huhu...whatever it is.. i will present tmrw and im done for this subject
hopefully i get good mark for this subject...praying for that
it so subjective to ensure you get A for this subject since it is about communication
if u have the skill and in the right spot at that time..
im sure you in
audiences respond towards your presentation is so important..before this i done the technical presentation about nail behaviors...i glad all of them like it and ask a lots of question.
it interesting and caught their attention....tq to Allah swt....its not easy to get student attention after you sit down for 2 hours hearing for so many type of presentation
some of the presentation is so technical until you become so blur and start yawning..huhu
im not one of them ok???since im the MC on dat day
watever it is..i just hope i can manage it tmrw and get their attention..thats full mark for getting people attention....
i will start my practice tmrw morning and write simple and compact info for this presentation to ensure i deliver it effectively to the audience..hope i make it like the first presentation
wish me luck year is so tiring many journal to read and evaluate...
klah..thats all for today
i will post when i take a break from reading or writing reports


c ya


p/s:This is my presentation outline question..i already answer it and make it as guideline during presentation..hope it will be useful for everybody...chow

Title of Presentation

1. Justify your topic by describing the problem that you have identified.


  1. How did you determine the knowledge level/stand/viewpoint of your audience?
  2. How did this information influence your presentation?
  3. How do you plan to gain the audience’s attention?
  4. In relation to your topic, what are some ethical issues that you took into consideration? Explain.


1. Introduction

    • What is your thesis statement?
    • What is the purpose and importance of choosing this topic?
    • How is the topic relevant to the audience?
    • List the main points that will support your thesis statement.
    • How are you establishing credibility?

  1. Body
    • Which organizational pattern are you using? Justify your choice.
    • List the supporting ideas for each main point.
    • How do you ensure that there is coherent transition from one main point to the next main point?
    • Describe how you are going to summarize after each main point.

  1. Conclusion
    • How do you plan to effectively conclude your persuasive presentation?
    • Appeal to senses: statement, phrase,
    • Describe how you are going to summarize the entire presentation.
    • Describe how you are going to reiterate the purpose and importance of the whole presentation to relate to your audience.

Question and Answer Session

1. List some of the questions that you anticipate from the audience.

Practice Session

1. How did you practice your speech?

    • for example: where, when, with whom, how many times?
  1. Which area of your speech needed improvement?

· for example: content, delivery

  1. Did you stay within the time limit?