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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dean list award~


olla nak cite pasal mechanical academic award
ni award utk student yg excel dlm academic from previous sem
so this year i one of them...alhamdulillah
my name pop up at the mechi notice board and i have been invited to go to the award day
sapa x suka kan
dpt mkn dinner ag
lately byk sgt open house n dinner kena attend
dr club nye invitation, staff , frenz and many more
mmg kenyang la bulan ni
tp bulan ni gak disaster nk submit suma project ok?
huhu..apa pon..i hope next year i will be able to take the award again
i hope i can maintain my GPA for dis sem
nmpak cam x sure sgt tp i will try my best
juz give a shoot kan
so far byk presentation x start ag dah lari topic
apa pon nk bg tau i will go to the academic award gak
kejap je kot cz waktu tu ada talk from one of my class yg wajib attend
after that adjunct lecture kena tulis report k
waaaaa...tension btoii kalu wat report ni
apa pon gudluck to me and hope to grad with flying colors

c ya