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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Exam Timetable


olla everybody??? ni just nk bg tau pasal exam timetable..huhu
sem ni ambik 6 subject but only 4 have exam ek
hihi..but this 4 subject is not easy ok
lot's of reading and calculation
ok..calculation is necessary ek cz im taking engineering
what in d earth if there are no calculation...huhu
ok..thats all about my subject
so pic below show my timetable..
i start my 1st paper on 12/11 and finish my exam on 21/11
huhu..pack ha...but still has gap from one paper to the next paper
im glad when i see it
if no gap mean no sleep ok...huhu...ok..let's see my exam timetable..hihi

im so sory if it is too small but i dun know how to make it bigger when u click on the picture
so sory about it
if anybody know how to do it..let me know k..i will try it for the next entry..hehe
still learning...kih3x
i already got my exam next step is study ek..huhu...
i have one management subject dis sem and it is so book worm type ek..haha
hope u understand what i mean....hahaha
hope i got flying colors for dis exam and make up for my pointer b4 i grad
very2x important ek....huh...but still i have a lots of project to submit and lots and lots
of assignment, test ,presentation and test to do in 3 weeks
huhu..hope i can make it...
so for the mean time all of u will hear song from YOLANDA ADAM - I BELIEVE ..hihi
hope it give some moral support for me..glad i found back dis song..yeahh
ok ..i think that for now
my webcam can be operate right now so may b next time i will post video for u all
ya allah...permudahkan perjalanan hidup hambamu ini..moga berjaya didunia dan akhirat

k..c ya